831 Booze Mountain Rd.
Lindale, GA 30147

Phone: 706-235-0096
Fax: 706-295-0404
Hours: Monday-Friday
Saturday 8:30am-1:00pm
We specialize in Old and Late model cars & trucks, Foreign & Domestic.
As Well As 1993-2002 Firebirds & Camaros
30, 60, 90 Warranties
Extended Warranties Available

Otting Auto Parts is a family owned and operated salvage yard.

We have a
Full Service Garage on site!

Ask about our
30-90 Day Warranties
on Engines and Transmissions

We have been serving the Lindale to Rome area since 1952 and we have over 45 years experience in the salvage industry.

We will install
Engines and Transmissions!

Please call to inquire about
our aftermarket parts
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